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2012 Compensation online Survey
TRMN first salary and compensation survey took place earlier and is now closed for this year.

June 11 TR Sales Associates Seminar
Thank you Erica Landon, Patrick Elligott, Betty O'Brien and Chris Nolte for sharing your wine expertise at this year TRMN training seminar.  St Innocent Winery/Zenith Vineyards provided the perfect setting for this full-day seminar. Lovejoy Food catering was top class.

2012 TRMN "Walk In the Vineyard"
Colene Clements hosted our 2012 Walk in the Vineyard with vineyard manager and winemaker Steve Goff leading the walk and LoveJoy Food providing delicious food catering.

The Tasting Room Managers Network (TRMN) is a valuable resource for those in the wine industry or related tourism businesses in the Willamette Valley. We aim to connect tasting room employees with each other as well as people working in B&Bs, restaurants, shops and more.

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